Damen Dredging equipment

Damen Dredging equipment – Cardan hinge design modification
Damen Dredging Equipment is a specialist dredge builder of dredging tools made to customer requirements, using a wide range of standard equipment.
Damen’s input consisted of AutoCAD drawings of one type of Cardan hinge. They requested that we convert these to Inventor models. After the conversion we had to redesign theexisting model to a range of eleven different types and sizes of the cardan hinge. An additional aspect of this project was Damen’s transition for a single drawing Mechanical Department An example of the microfilm inputdrawings
NX3 output of assembled models system, where the assembly and parts were drawn on a single drawing to a monosystem where each part is put on it’s own drawing. The resulting drawing package consisted of approximately 350 drawing covering 11 types of cardan hinges.